The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickelby

by David Edgar (based on Charles Dickens’ novel), Missouri Repertory Theatre

Press Reviews

Kansas City Star

… But if after 8½ hours in the theatre you are leaping up to cheer, filled with twice the energy you came with and reluctant to leave, you’ve had the best Nicholas Nickleby had to offer.

Saturday night the audience roared to its feet for the curtain calls […]. They whooped and stomped and cheered some more.

In short, directors Leon Rubin and James Assad have led their hugely talented company to an accomplished version of a once-in-a-lifetime show, a production that dramatically compares favourably with the Royal Shakespeare Company’s effort and which technically surpasses the original.

Mr. Rubin and Mr. Assad take a strikingly original approach by emphasising the physical.

The technical production is impeccable.