Masterclasses & Workshops

Leon’s workshops and masterclasses have been given worldwide. They are designed for professional actors and directors and students of theatre and performance. They have been conducted in academies, universities and conservatoires across Europe, N. America and Asia. The workshops can last from one day to three weeks, depending of the needs of the host institution. This is a list of the key workshops that he offers, although there are many others that he has devised over a period of many years:

Key Classes and Workshops

Shakespeare for Actors

All about demystifying verse and making it work for you as an actor. Practical approaches to language and character. Scene work, in detail, from one or more plays.

Shakespeare for Directors

How to analyse text, deconstruct verse whilst searching for clues on directing buried in the verse, build concepts and guide actors. One or more plays are used as exercises are constructed around scenes.

Acting Workshop

Practical sessions on general acting, focusing on exercises to build concentration, coordination and ensemble performance.

Directing Workshop

Sessions for directors concentrating on improving techniques of problem-solving, actor guidance, concept realisation and collaboration with designers.

Contemporary British Theatre

Seminars, talks and practical follow-up sessions exploring ideas/approaches used in various theatres in the UK today.