Professorial International

East 15, University of Essex

Director of the renowned British Acting School, East 15, part of University of Essex.

East 15 grew from the work of Joan Littlewood’s famed Theatre Workshop. Much of the Littlewood approach was based upon the theories of Stanislavski, and the company inherited the socially committed spirit of the Unity Theatre movement, which brought many new voices into British Theatre for the first time. Theatre Workshop broke new ground, re-interpreting the classics for a modern age, commissioning new plays from socially committed writers, and creating an ensemble capable of inventing new work, such as the now legendary Oh What a Lovely War. Littlewood created a wonderful ensemble, who combined inspired, improvisational brilliance with method, technique, research, text analysis, and the expression of real emotions. Over the years, new training methods were evolved to strip actors of affectations, attitudes, ego trips. The quest was always to search for truth: of oneself, the character, the text.

In pursuit of these objectives, students are given a sound basis for character development and textual analysis, including the theories of Michael Chekhov, Rudolp Laban, Grotowski and other important contemporary influences.

The school has now become, under Leon”s leadersip, one of the largest professional acting conservatoires in the UK with 800 students (many from across the globe), specialising in acting, directing, technical theatre and other programmes concerned with professional performance.

Middlesex University

Prior to taking up the role at East 15, Leon was Professor of Drama and Theatre Arts at Middlesex University, London.

GITIS Academy, Moscow

Leon is the first foreigner to be given the title of Honorary Professor at the distinguished GITIS Academy in Moscow.


Over the past 20 years he has lectured, trained actors and conducted masterclasses worldwide with many universities and institutions. Some of his posts have included:

Visiting Professor, Hong Kong University

Visiting Professor, Tamagawa University, Japan

Director, British Council International Theatre Directing Course

Special Lecturer, Bristol University, Drama Department

Co-Director of intensive acting and verse speaking techniques for the Stratford Festival, Canada

Guest Lecturer, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

Visiting Professor of Drama at the University of Kansas City, USA

Guest Lecturer, Central School of Art and Design London

Part-time lecturer in English Literature and Theatre Studies, McMaster University, Canada


International Training/Lecturing

In addition to the above roles, Leon has taught short courses or individual sessions for many other Universities:


Acting workshops and lecture, Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography, Bucharest, Romania                        

Acting workshop, Hanyang University, Seoul, S Korea

Acting Shakespeare workshop, Teatre Centro Cultural, Mexico

Globe SP, Sau Paulo Lecture: Hamlet on the Stage

SP Acting Institute, Brazil: lecture: Approaches to International Theatre Directing

Shakespeare Acting masterclass, Rajaphat University, Thailand

Shakespeare masterclass and workshops, Srinakarinwirawot University, Thailand

Artist in Residence, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

Directing Shakespeare on the Modern Stage, Globe-SP Sao Paulo, Brazil

Monologue Masterclass, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

Acting workshops, Shanghai Theatre Academy, China

Acting workshops, Nanjing Arts University, China

Script Masterclass and workshop, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Acting audition workshop, Coventry University

Directorial approach to Shakespeare’s

Pericles lecture, McMaster University, Canada

The State of British Theatre Training, lecture, British Council, Taiwan

Shakespeare Workshop series, British Council, Taiwan

Shakespeare Masterclasses and Workshops, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Actor Training in the UK, public lecture, Nagoya, Japan

Theatre in the UK, seminar, University of the Philippines

Shakespeare on the Modern Stage, lecture, Catholic University, Santiago, Chile

Film as Pedagogy, lecture, Hong Kong University

The Modern British Stage, lecture, Tamagawa University, Tokyo, Japan

Modern British Theatre, lecture/workshop Thammasat University, Thailand

Shakespeare Acting Masterclasses, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts et Techniques du Theatre, Paris

Shakespeare Acting Masterclasses: Real Escuela Superior Arte Dramatico, Madrid

Shakespeare Masterclass: GITIS Russian Theatre Academy, Moscow

National Theatre of Korea, lecture, Measure for Measure

Workshop on Twelfth Night, GITIS Russian Theatre Academy, Moscow

Acting Shakespeare workshops/seminar Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, classes on Modern British Theatre and Shakespeare

Bristol University, lecture on Artistic Directions

British Council, lectures on Shakespearean Verse, Hong Kong

Nijmigen University, Holland, Shakespeare workshop

Leiden University, Holland, Shakespeare lecture

Queen`s University, Northern Ireland, lecture on Directing in Ireland

Salford University, lecture/workshops on Shakespeare

Birmingham University, lecture on Directing

London University, Shakespeare workshop

International Shakespeare Congress

University of Kansas City, USA, lectures on Nicholas Nickleby

Actors Centre, London, various lectures/workshops

American Theatre Association, USA, lecture on Shakespeare

Newcastle University, lectures/workshops on Shakespeare

Warwick University, lectures/workshops on Shakespeare

Shakespeare Institute, England, lectures/workshops on RSC productions

University of Tennessee, USA, lectures/workshops on RSC productions

University of Oslo, Norway, lectures/workshops on RSC productions

Furman University, South Carolina, USA, lectures/workshops on RSC productions

Vanderbilt University, USA, lecture on Volpone


External Examining and Validation


Leon has extensive international academic validation experience and has served as an External Examiner for numerous universities and academies:

Validation panel member Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

Validation panel member SEV College, Madrid

Validation panel member ESNE College, Madrid

Validation panel member Music Academy Bologna, Italy

External Examiner PhD Goldsmith College

External Validation panel member Goldsmith and LaSalle School of Arts,                      Singapore

External Examiner, PhD London Arts University

External Examiner/Assessor, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

External Assessor, MA Classical European Acting, Drama Centre, London Arts University

Numerous validation panels in the UK and overseas for Middlesex University and University of Essex. Many subject-areas covered, including Theatre, Dance, Business Studies, Computing and Music.

External panel specialist for new BA in Directing, The Drama Centre, London Institute

External Examiner, BA Drama, Goldsmiths College, University of London

External Examiner, PhD, National University of Singapore

External Examiner, PhD, University of London, Kings College

Specialist Advisor, MA Acting and MA Directing, Royal Scottish Academy of Drama and Music

External Examiner PhD, Hong Kong University

External Examiner, BA Western Drama and BA Chinese Theatre, National University of Singapore

External Advisor for Validation, MA International Scenography, Central St Martins School of Art & Design, London Institute

External Examiner, BA Hons Acting, Rose Bruford Drama School (Validation University of Kent)

International Validation Panel for new theatre degrees, Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation

International Validation Panel, BFA Lighting Design, BFA Sound Design, BFA Sets and Costume Design and BFA Stage Management, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

External Assessor, BA Theatre Studies, Hatfield Polytechnic

External Assessor for Validation Panel, BA Hons Drama and Theatre Studies,

Roehampton Institute (Validation Surrey University)