The Doctor’s Dillemma

by Bernard Shaw, Bristol Old Vic

Press Reviews

The Independent

The most admirable feature of Leon Rubin’s production for the Bristol Old Vic is its erudite clarity. Sturdily acted, on attractive sets which are heavy with the baroque clatter of Edwardian affluence, it is almost an essay on Shaw the moral dramatist. Shavian comedy is often a somewhat breezy affair, played for elegance and style, as if we have overgrown the author’s more serious preoccupations but still admire the brittle cleverness of his repartee. Here we have Shaw as he might like to have seen himself: Ibsen with blarney.

WDP – ?

Director Leon Rubin manages [Shaw’s solemn but witty theatrical debates] most stylishly and is well served by a highly experienced cast, used to the drawing room style of verbal warfare.