Beyond Reasonable Doubt

by Jeffrey Archer, Aliki Theatre

Press Reviews


Our well-known director (from One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest) Mr Leon Rubin, having to ply his familiar English teleturgical and to work with the play’s lack of psychology or depth, has done an exceptional job. He set his watch impeccably, knowledgeably controlling the strings, and played well with the tempo and the suspense.


A performance, which I would call serious, without pre-empting and directorial ‘tricks’, that tries to be clear and to serve the play rather than the fancy of a director or of a leading actor.

Leon Rubin directed the play and, having a strong linguistic base to work from, managed to tease out the necessary accuracy, clarity and that characteristic whiff of British courtroom façade.

An exceptionally uniform and effective performance, balanced and without show.

In an excellent translation by Minos Volanakis and in a “clean”, almost minimal scenic presentation by Ioanna Papantoniou, the director had both the language and the space to work carefully with his actors. He offered them a lot; and they admirably paid him back.


The “imported” Leon Rubin underlined Archer’s game effectively and to the point in both its aspects: the judicial first part with an exciting unfolding of the trial and the sentimental second part that brings to mind an unconventional version of the “love story”.

Small postscript: the right kind of theatre, aesthetically pleasing and dignified, one that, unlike the unfortunate case of most of our own theatre, not only does not degrade the audience, but to the contrary openhandedly offers to it quality entertainment. And this is neither little nor usual in our difficult times.

Woman Magazine (Athens)

… a nice concoction, masterly worked and gracefully organised by experienced hand and mind, cleverly and sensitively directed.

Beyond reasonable doubt, the audience member that ventures to Aliki Theatre certainly does not waste his two hours and does not injure his perception and taste.