A Touch of Class

by Martine Barbacs and Leon Rubin (based on Moliere’s Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme)

Press Reviews

Belfast Telegraph

Leon Rubin has taken, as usual, an individual approach to the work … and his direction is inspired throughout but a desire to excite and entertain.

A production pitched over the top, which outshines Monty Python at times, but one that is fuelled with a great sense of colour and fun.

Belfast Newsletter

… the comedy becomes an incredible hellzapoppin caper, which ranges from Cockney London to the Middle East, with a bit of Nazi Germany, the Land of Oz and Ruritania thrown in for good measure.

There are probably purists who will argue that it is not true Moliere (whatever that may be) but that doesn’t matter a jot as long as it is entertainment – and it is all of that.

In this zany but delightful presentation [the actors] are all good because they’re all more or less given their heads and the Lyric people are great when they have that degree of freedom.